IC Honors: Thank You Honors Students

PrintAs the semester is nearly over I want to make sure I thank and congratulate as many of you as I can remember. I continue to say that it is the students that make the Honors Program the great program it is. If you follow the blog, and you should, you already know, for example, about our four 2016 campus life award winner (Lisa, Sam, Kyle, and Dom), our Fulbright winner (Taylor), or that we had a student publish in Newsweek (Kayla). We also had three students finish the new Honors Program a year early (Jamie, Kristin, and Tyler), which included completing a thesis project. Of course, as soon as I start naming names I will undoubtedly forget to mention someone and so I’ll stop there and simply say Congratulations to all Honors students for your accomplishments. Thank you to those of you that helped out in some way this year. Also, thanks to all of you for being a great community of students..

Behind the scenes I need to thank two graduating Honors students, Sam and Kelsey. Sam, our Hugh Egan award winner, has made the social media world of Honors immensely better. Farther from the spotlight is Kelsey, who was critical in organizing our trips and events for the year and making sure you had food on those trips. Meanwhile, Yena has been supporting many of the administrative tasks that keep Honors running and I thank her for all her hard work. If you see any of these three students then please make sure you thank them. Again, thank you Sam, Kelsey, and Yena for all your hard work on behalf of Honors and being an absolute pleasure to work with.

The blog will slow down as we head into summer, but it will still be active. Be sure to let me know what you are up to for our summer spotlights. Enjoy the summer, and if you are a graduating senior then I wish you the best of luck.  Cheers, Tom