IC Honors Seminar Spotlight: U.S. and Genocide

Politics chair Naeem Inayatullah is teaching a seminar this semester on the exploration of genocide. Have you ever been confused about what genocide is – or if the U.S. has committed it? Examine and engage further in this seminar.File photo of an unmanned US drone.

Describe your seminar in one sentence.
An exploration of the impossible to see hidden within plain sight.

Describe your classroom style in one sentence.I support emergent anarchies, disjunctive seriousness, spontaneous laughter, the discovery of sinews that connect intuition and articulation, and a blunt refusal of jargon.”

What is one thing you hope students will take away from your seminar? That it will take them five to ten years to grasp what we experienced together.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to students? Beware of advice givers and even more those willing to teach.

Interested in what you might be reading? Here are some books Professor Inayatullah is looking at choosing from:

Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide

Joy Gordon, Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions

Adam Jones, Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

Adam Jones, Genocide, War Crimes, and the West 

Elizabeth Dauphinee, Politics of Exile

Tzvetan Todorov, The Conquest of America

Svetlana Alexivich, Zinky Boys

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