IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Michael Rizk

Michael Rizk.jpgMichael is a senior Architectural Studies major, and has some great grad school plans!

After graduating, I’ll be taking a week off to travel to Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies with a friend before settling down back home in Rochester, NY where (fingers crossed) I will have a job or two for the remainder of the summer. Come August, I will be heading out to Columbus to pursue a 3-year Master of Architecture degree at The Ohio State University.

IC Honors Advice: Writing Effective Course Comments

PrintAdvice:  Be thoughtful and specific when doing course comments.

Why: Your comments about courses are taken seriously by faculty and administrators. They do want to hear your thoughts on the course and how to make it better. Comments such as “this instructor rocks” or “this instructor is the worst ever” aren’t particularly useful.  You should provide clear examples with details to get your point across. Take some time to think about what you have to say and articulate it carefully. Written comments with numerous grammar and spelling errors aren’t taken entirely seriously. Remember, course comments are your opportunity to provide meaningful feedback and so don’t pass it up.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Elena Haskins ’18

Meet sophomore Cinema and Photography major with a minor in Communication Management and Design from DeRuyter, NY Elena Haskins! Elena is extremely involved on campus, as a Peer Career Advisor, a Student Leadership Consultant in OSEMA and does work with the Ithacan. She’s a feminist, cat-lover, and can rock a red lip. Learn more about Elena below:

Elena Haskins 057(1).jpg

Favorite part about IC:My favorite part of IC is the ability to build a community. Everywhere I go, I feel very comfortable and welcomed. There’s always so much to do, and there is a strong support network that accompanies all of my involvement.”

Favorite Honors seminar (so far) and why:My favorite Honors seminar is Simple Machines because it was very hands-on and allowed me to experience a field that I would have never learned about. The projects were all very interesting and really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:I got the opportunity to pitch a TV show to one of the founders of MTV, Andy Orgel at Park Tank.”

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IC Honors FYI: spaces available in Latin 101 and 200!

Need to study a language?

How about taking Latin 101 or Latin 200?

Elementary Latin I (LATN 10100) is being offered in the Fall (2016) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:35-3:50. You can use it for the ICC Identities theme (Humanities perspective).

Intermediate Latin (LATN 20000) is being offered in the Fall (2016) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:10-2:25. — Some prior knowledge of the language is required for this course. Please contact Dr. Robert Ziomkowski for details (rziomkowski@ithaca.edu).

  • Read about the myths of ancient Rome in the original language!
  • Improve your English vocabulary!
  • Latin will help HSHP students and Pre-law students understand their specialized vocabulary!

IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Gretchen Hohmeyer

1424576_10209129461537225_5010296201079289399_n.jpgGretchen Hohmeyer is an English and Writing double major who, despite having plans to go to English PhD school, is not doing that right now. Instead, she is taking a year off to teach English as a second language in South Korea. She has been accepted to contract with the Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) to source employment at a South Korean elementary school in a yet unknown city. While the word of choice for this adventure would not be “excited” as much as “terrified,” she cannot wait to get paid to travel in Asia, which has been a dream since childhood!

IC Honors Senior Sendoff: Alexa Szotka

Untitled1.jpgAlexa Szotka is our first senior we’re featuring in our Senior Sendoff series! She’s a Public & Community Health major, and read a little bit more about what her summer plans are:

This summer from June-August I will be working at Florida International University’s Summer Treatment Program (STP) as a counselor. This is a nationally recognized comprehensive program at the Center for Children and Families in Miami, Florida that helps children with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges. This program is implemented as an eight-week therapeutic summer camp, where individual treatment plans are focused on each child, so that their academic readiness and social skills can improve. STP has been used in clinical trials conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health.

I will be working with the pre-k group as a counselor. As part of this job I will be responsible for delivering the treatment components within both classroom and recreational contexts. Counselors will assist in the following each day: (1) leading an academic center (i.e., English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Writing); (2) leading a sport (i.e., soccer, kickball, teeball); (3) delivery of treatment components during large group instruction periods; (4) assisting in the delivery of an evidence-based reading intervention; and (5) tracking the daily behavioral progress for assigned cases.

After this summer program, I hope to apply to graduate school in clinical psychology specializing in children and trauma, and I hopefully will gain a lot of insight for my future career from this experience. I am so excited to be working with kids, as well as traveling to Miami for the first time, and I can’t wait to see how much I learn and grow from this experience!

IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Jason Diaz ’09

Meet Jason Diaz, a special Alumni spotlight! Jason will be speaking at the Senior Banquet next week – he graduated from IC in 2009 with a degree in Biochemistry with a Politics minor, went on to complete his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 and is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the same university. Learn more about Jason below:

Diaz Profile Photo.jpg

Current position/grad school: “Completed a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, with a focus on virology, at the University of Pennsylvania in Dec 2014. My advisor was Dr. Jianxin You.

Am now a post-doctoral fellow, still at Penn, under Dr. Kim Gallagher. I study how proteins move from cell to cell to establish developmental programs in plant roots.”

One piece of advice you wish someone had given you in your years at IC: “Looking back, I don’t think there was anything I wish I had been told – I feel like I had a lot of people offering me sound advice and I ended up having an incredibly fulfilling experience at IC. If I were to give what I felt was the most important advice to students now, I would encourage you all to really immerse yourself. Make strong connections with both your peers and your faculty, get involved with groups that interest you, take classes that ignite your passion or explore something interesting, study abroad and explore Ithaca outside of campus!”

Favorite Honors seminar you took and why: “Picking a favorite one is really hard, so instead I’ll cheat and say which one was the most life changing: Sexing the Gender of War, with Zillah Eisenstein, Spring of 2006. This course introduced me to basic feminist theory, deconstructed concepts of sex and gender, and then tied these fluid concepts to militarization. Zillah has a particular play with language in her writing that really opened my eyes to the power of words. What was particularly life changing about this course was the book Sexing the Body, by Anne Fausto-Sterling. This book opened my eyes to the political structures underlying the research of biology and especially sex, taught me about the incredible variety of sexual development in humans (something not covered in my basic biology class!) and ignited my passion for the intersection of biological science and politics. This personal experience of bridging the humanities and the sciences really exemplified what the Honors Program was designed to do, and fundamentally affected my development as a scholar and a global citizen.”

One word that sums up your university experience: “Immersive.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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