IC Honors Advice: Getting the Most out of Challenging Readings

PrintAdvice: Strategically Read, Read, and Reread Challenging texts.

Why: No one can read theoretical or conceptual work and “get it” in one reading.  These readings are not Tweets or Facebook updates–they are complex ideas.   Plan on reading the assigned reading two or three times, but be strategic. Your first reading should be to simply read to see what you can understand, even if it is only one sentence. Do not underline or do marginalia on the first read. . Your second reading should be one with underlining and marginalia. Underline major ideas if you can find them.  Note or circle concepts or sentences you do not understand. Remember, no one can fully understand all of a reading on one reading–not even your professors. Finally, have fun It’s perfectly OKAY to not understand all that you read.  In fact, your professors will be delighted if you come to class fired up to ask what it all means!