IC Honors Student Spotlight: Francesca Esce ’17

Meet Chessie, our student spotlight of the week! Chessie is a junior Integrated Marketing Communication major with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from Liverpool, New York. Learn more about Chessie below:


Favorite part about IC:No matter where you are at IC, unless you’re in the Job hallway, there is always something beautiful to look at. You can take just a few steps outside of Sub Connect and BAM: view of Cayuga Lake. It also isn’t hard to take a short walk to Muller Pond between classes, frozen or not. There is always new territory to explore in the natural lands, gorges, and beyond. I love that at IC there is always a new place to study, appreciate, and reflect. Hey, and most of the people aren’t too shabby, either. “

Favorite Honors seminar (so far) and why:Women and Fairy Tales with Katharyn Machan was one of the most fun courses I’ve taken at IC. Dr. Machan is such a spirited character and we learned about fairytales, their history, and got to create some kick-ass lady characters of our own. Our whole class bonded through each others’ work, and I felt inspired by every piece I heard. That class and Dr. Machan gave me the motivation to continue writing poetry!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or Honors:This past semester I was fortunate enough to study in London, and with the help of the Honors Program I got to spend five days in Edinburgh for the annual Fringe Festival. My time in Edinburgh was something I’ll remember the rest of my life. I experienced so much theatre, art, and culture in such a short amount of time. Those five days made me want to experience even more, and in the next four months I explored 15 different cities in 10 different countries around Europe.”

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