IC Honors FYI: Living in the Honors RLC next year!

22825_fullIt’s hard to believe that the time has come already to talk about housing for next fall, but the RLC selection process is already underway. Check out this message from Residence Director of Lyon Katie Hellmann about the process of living in the Honors RLC in Lyon Hall as an upper-years student and some of the benefits:

Much of what makes Honors and Lyon hall unique and great are the upper-year students who provide mentorship and leadership in the hall.  If that wasn’t enough incentive to at least apply to live in Lyon next year, here are another 4 reasons to live in Lyon next year:

1. You know your housing assignment sooner!  By living in an RLC, you get to pick your housing by MARCH 10th!! That’s almost three months before your peers do! Do you want to block house with others?  Well, it’s possible to room next to your friends during RLC selection without the hassle of applying or having someone assign rooms for you.  Double bonus!

2. Proximity: Lyon hall is super close to the academic side of campus, fitness center, and campus center.  With most of the academic school year occurring during winter, being close to these buildings sounds like a no-brainer to me.

3. Resources:  Compared to other halls, Lyon hall is STOCKED! Games, computers, kitchens, laundry machines, Keurig, kitchen supplies, oh my!  These resources are a huge bonus to living in Lyon.

4. Community: Let’s be honest here. The community in Lyon is AMAZING (probably because you are amazing people).  People are friendly, nice, and always willing to make new friends. We have more events and opportunities than other communities. The community in Lyon hall is so unique; why not come back and be part of this community again?


Here are the important things to remember:

 Application deadline is March 7th!!  Just because you apply, doesn’t mean that you have to live in Lyon. And just because you select housing doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind later.  Honestly, I would recommend applying just to have a back-up plan!  Because if you don’t apply, than you can’t select later on.  Applications are through HomerConnect. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out a khellmann@ithaca.edu! 

IC Honors Advice: Making Appointments I

: Make appointments in advance if you want to see faculty even if it’s during their office hours.

Why: Office hours are drop in times but it doesn’t hurt to make an appointment. There are many reasons why a faculty member may miss an office hour such as a last minute meeting or a sick child. Making an appointment keeps you from being frustrated if a faculty member isn’t there. When making the appointment let the faculty member know what you want to meet about as this will help them prepare for the meeting. With this said, if you need help and didn’t make an appointment certainly stop by office hours.

IC Honors News: Introducing Katie Hellmann as an Honors Program Coordinator

PhotoMany of you know Katie as the exceptional RD of Lyon Hall and now she is also serving in the role of Program Coordinator for Honors. Her immediate focus will be on advising and so look for emails from Katie as she will start with making sure our juniors are on track. Katie will also serve on the Honors Steering Committee. I’m excited to have Katie in this new role as we look to strengthen the connections between res life and the rest of the Honors Program. If you see Katie then welcome and congratulate her.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Rebecca Cohen ’17

Meet Rebecca, a junior Athletic Training major from Silver Spring, Maryland! Learn more about Rebecca below:


Favorite part about Ithaca College: “Its utter tenacity for reaching, and maintaining a sub-zero temperature throughout the month of February. And the professors (shout-out to Mr. Tom J. Pfaff-i-faff).”
Favorite Honors seminar (so far) and why:Rules of Rules. Ethics and logics and torture, it had everything a girl could want. And now I can play Go at a -3 dan level.”
Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “Seeing the Opera and Cirque [du Soleil] in NYC. I don’t think they were at the same time, although that would’ve been exciting. Most of the time was spent splashing in puddles in Central Park with some incredible people, that I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for living in the Honors Dorm.”
We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors Advice: On Choosing a Paper Topic

writing-828911_960_720.jpgAdvice: Use personal interests and the requirements of the assignment to choose a great paper topic.

Why: A lot of people have trouble picking a good research topic. Knowing what to write about, and how big your topic should be, is a skill that you need to learn. But you can make the job easier for yourself by picking something you’re interested in. You’ll be focusing on the topic of a research assignment for a while, so pick something you care about. Do some quick background research to make sure it’s a good topic. Once you’ve got some ideas, you need to ask a question and decide on a scope. Make your question open-ended and think carefully about how big the question is. The size of the assignment matters here: if you’ve got 4 pages, you don’t want to write on “The causes of cancer” – it’s just too big. But be careful not to make your topic too small either, because you’ll have a hard time with an obscure topic. It’s probably pretty tough to find enough information on a topic like “the relation of skin cancer to ethnicity in Malaysia.”

IC Honors FYI: 5 Under 5 Panel Tonight

I Love IC Week is hosting their annual 5 Under 5 Panel, a panel discussion featuring 5 alumni (one from each school) who graduated less than five years ago.

The panel is tonight, from 6pm – 7:30pm in Klingenstein Lounge in Campus Center!


This year features:

Maria Behrens ’11 – School of Health Science and Human Performance

Steven Episcopo ’14 – School of Business and Park School of Communications

Noreyana Fernando ’15 – Park School of Communications

Cedrick-Michael Simmons ’14 – School of Humanities and Sciences

Paul Tine ’15 – School of Music and School of Humanities and Sciences

Light refreshments will be served and you will have the chance to meet the panelists afterward.

IC Honors Advice: The Library Liaison

6358065082510620711645139711_library 2.jpgAdvice: Know your Library Liaison

Why: Every student has a librarian based on their major field of study.  You can find out who your librarian is on this page.  You can meet with your librarian in their offices on the 2nd floor of the library for assistance with your research.  Even if you are satisfied with the research you’ve found, a librarian can review your works cited list and make suggestions. They can even show you some of our specialized databases and help you develop search strategies that can maximize your research efficiency and effectiveness.  Don’t be shy. Library Liaisons are a great resource so let them help you as that is what they do.