IC Honors Student Spotlight: Nora Noone ’16

Meet Nora, a senior TVR major with a minor in IMC from Mechanicsburg, PA! Nora is one of the e-board members of the Senior Class this year and has had a lot of cool experiences with Honors – learn more below:


Favorite part about Ithaca College: “I love being able to walk past the Pub, through the Quad, or around the library and recognize as many faces as I do. Whether it’s my best friend or someone I haven’t talked to since freshmen year, I see certain people every day that feel familiar somehow. It’s taken spending semesters elsewhere to realize how comforting that aspect of IC is.”

Favorite Honors seminar and why:In the Beginning: Origin Narratives in Science, Religion and Fiction, with Nancy Menning & Luke Keller, because it got me thinking in ways I never have.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:Exploring Ottawa during its Winter Festival!”

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