IC Honors Student Spotlight: Karina Feitner ’18

Meet Karina, our student spotlight of the week! Karina is a sophomore Psychology major from Cummington, MA – learn more about Karina below:


Favorite part about Ithaca College: “My favorite part about Ithaca College are the opportunities that I have had. I was blessed in High school to have access to all sorts of programs (sports, theatre, academics, etc.) and I was worried that I really wan’t going to be able to pursue all of my interests as I came to college. That was not the case, however, and I have been able to take part in theatre productions, I am a varsity athlete, I have opportunities through the honors program, and I have a great group of friends.”

Favorite Honors seminar (so far) and why: “My favorite Honors seminar I have taken was called The Politics of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not only did I get to read a really good series that I have been wanting to read, but we deconstructed the story, looking with more depth into various aspects of the novels and the author. We were also given supplemental readings that allowed us to learn more about various themes addressed in the novels which in tern allowed us to be better educated, and to understand and appreciate the author and the stories that he told.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “I think that the coolest opportunity that I have had at Ithaca College has been the chance to become a varsity athlete without ever having played the sport before. I am on the crew team, and before college I had never rowed before. The opportunity to say you want to play a sport that you have never done before, and be able to do it and excel is amazing. I have gone from worrying that I was going to flip an 8 to being able to race in a single without having to worry about flipping, and that is truly amazing. It has also provided me with an amazing group of friends who are supportive but also challenge me to do my best.”

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