IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Logan Tracey ’03

Meet Logan, a member of the class of 2003! Logan was a B.A. Drama major with minors in dance and the Honors program, and moved directly to NYC after graduation. She now works as the Business Development Coordinator at Alston & Bird LLP. Learn more about Logan below!
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Current position(s): “Business Development Coordinator at Alston & Bird LLP. Living and working in NYC since graduation from Ithaca College, I pursued a career in film, television and theatre until 2012 when I was lured into the intriguing world of legal marketing. Now at Alston & Bird, I work with the large and talented business development team as the lead on events and special projects in NYC and as support to all practice groups in NY regarding pitches, RFP’s, and research. My primary practice group responsibilities fall to our Real Estate group, as I support the practice firm wide.”
One piece of advice you wish someone had given you in your time at IC: “I wish someone told me to take more business and communications classes. They will always be useful and serve you well in no matter what career you end up pursuing.”
Favorite Honors Seminar and why: “I took a class called Trauma in the 20th Century my senior year that was one of the most challenging of my academic career. It was troubling and deep and one of the classes that made the biggest impact on my life. It increased my own awareness of human trauma, both major and mundane, in all people’s lives and it widened my scope of empathy. It was amazing.”
One word that sums up your university experience: Life-changing
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