IC Honors Journal: Symposium Call for Submissions

PrintWould you like to have one of your papers published? Now is the time to submit  your creative or academic work to the Symposium – The Honors Undergraduate Scholarly Journal!   Papers must be submitted to ichonorssymposium@gmail.com in Word Document format by Monday, March 7th to be eligible for publication. If your paper is selected to be published you will be eligible to receive points for the Honors Program. For additional questions please email ichonorssymposium@gmail.com.  We can’t wait to read your papers!

IC Honors Advice: Making Appointments III

: When confirming an appointment, repeat the time of the appointment in the confirmation email, rather than simply saying, “That sounds great, I’ll see you then!”

Why: This helps eliminate confusion. Sometimes a student will be given two options to meet and a response of, “That sounds great, I’ll see you then!”  isn’t clear. You may be thinking the last time works but we don’t know what time you are confirming. It is better to risk being redundant and clear than unclear.

IC Honors Recap: Alumni Panel

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Alumni Panel yesterday! Hopefully you learned some great stuff and got to connect with our three wonderful panelists. A special thanks to Ella Sciocchetti for her photos and recap below!


DSC00064.JPGThis Friday, three alumni of the honors program returned to IC to share their knowledge and experiences with current students. Our distinguished guests included Melissa Littlefield ’00, Jesse Katen ’05, and Lily Shafer ’08. Here is what they shared with us and hopefully some of these stories will help give you guidance as you navigate your time at college and beyond!

DSC00058.JPGMelissa Littlefield was a member of the first graduating class of the Honors program (which only had 27 students!) and she found a great mentor in Hugh Egan, the first director of the honors program. She fondly remembers having arguments with her professors in class and loves that the honors program gave students the opportunity to have conversations that could have a big impact. She strongly advocates finding a supportive community and network wherever you are. At IC she spent a lot of time getting to know the faculty in the English department and she advises us all to “take advantage of your professors, in a good way.” The honors program gave her an advantage and prepared her well for graduate school because she was willing to try new things and be in new situations.

DSC00051.JPGJesse Katen really loved the honors program because of the friends he made and the learning that occurred. He got over his shyness in his honors seminars and remembers thinking how he, “couldn’t wait until everyone else could shut up so you could say what you wanted to say!” I am sure some of us are familiar with this feeling today! During his college years, sometimes he would get so lost in thought and absorbing new information that he would get confused about reality. A professor enlightened him with this short story, “If you are walking around in Rome and you turn a corner then are suddenly lost, do you panic or say with joy, ‘I’m lost in Rome!’ and keep wandering?” Jesse loved the supreme joy and sublime awe of learning so he continued his education receiving other degrees and then eventually became a professor. He encourages his students to, “have the intellectual fortitude to hold thoughts in your mind for a while and then take the time to decide whether you are going to adopt whole or part into your values.” Our intellectual identity can be thought of as a structure of Legos; it changes from year to year. Jesse finished with a quote from Maya Angelou, “I want you to do it, and I want you to take it. Take it all the way!” and then gave this advice:

  1. Networking is not a verb. Make friends and develop relationships instead.
  2. Distinguish yourself, have a connection, seek out mentors that will be able to give strong personal testimonials.
  3. Be flexible enough to allow for the role of serendipity.

DSC00045.JPGLily Shafer always knew that she wanted to teach but she wasn’t sure exactly where that passion was going to take her. She grew up in Philadelphia and she worked at a pharmacy in high school. Because her community dealt with a lot of addiction, she learned to handle high stress situations and customer interactions. Lily was able to use this experience at IC to get a job at the help desk. Her academics helped determine her calling; as an English major she discovered that she was really good at explaining things. Her advice to English majors was, “You have a skill set you don’t know yet. You can talk and explain.” And for all you math haters out there, she wants you to think of algebra as the grammar of numbers; “Don’t hate math, it’s English in a different form,” she said. Lily spoke a lot about how learning can occur outside the classroom. She had to take on more responsibility when her boss at the help desk was out for months and in her subsequent jobs after college she learned how to manage up (manage your manager, which is like convincing your parents to do something). Lily moved on from these positions because she was unhappy and now has found a job that she loves. She was able to do this by making the most of every experience, looking for the value in everyday life, and having faith in herself.

We are very proud to have these alumni return and share their stories and advice with us. Remember to be open to happy accidents and realize that the jobs we may have in 10 years might not even exist now. Go out and follow your passions, find the people that support you, and when you are feeling down realize that sometimes the most productive moments come from personal difficulties.

IC Honors FYI: ALANA Career Connections Panel

ALANA Career Connections Poster.jpgAre you interested in hearing about the transition from college to career or within your career in the future? Come to Clark Lounge this Saturday, February 27 from 1:30-3:30 in Campus Center. They are featuring 5 Alumni speaking about career and career transitions as professionals.

Alumni this year include:

Syrena Shirley’05, Ph.D. Student Accounting, Penn State University

Nathaniel Hemingway’13, Account Executive, Brooklyn Nets

Richard Onyejuruwa’13, Assistant Director of Admissions, Cornell University

Joyti Jiandani’11, Founding Teacher/ Social Emotional Literacy Lead, Ingenuity Prep

Zavier Williams’91, Speech Therapist, Frederick County Public Schools


All students are welcome!

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Nora Noone ’16

Meet Nora, a senior TVR major with a minor in IMC from Mechanicsburg, PA! Nora is one of the e-board members of the Senior Class this year and has had a lot of cool experiences with Honors – learn more below:


Favorite part about Ithaca College: “I love being able to walk past the Pub, through the Quad, or around the library and recognize as many faces as I do. Whether it’s my best friend or someone I haven’t talked to since freshmen year, I see certain people every day that feel familiar somehow. It’s taken spending semesters elsewhere to realize how comforting that aspect of IC is.”

Favorite Honors seminar and why:In the Beginning: Origin Narratives in Science, Religion and Fiction, with Nancy Menning & Luke Keller, because it got me thinking in ways I never have.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:Exploring Ottawa during its Winter Festival!”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
Do you know a really cool Honors student? Nominate them to be a Student Spotlight here!
Do you know a really cool alum of the Honors program? Nominate them to be an Alumni Spotlight here!
Email sguter1@ithaca.edu with any comments, questions, concerns or nominations.

IC Honors Advice: Making Appointments II

  When you write to a faculty member to request an appointment, it is helpful if you include times that will work for you.

Why: When looking to set up an appointment rather than simply writing: “Can I meet with you to talk about my paper?”, write instead: “I would like to meet with you to talk about my paper.  I am free on Monday from 12-3, Tuesday from 10-2, and Friday from 11-3.  Do any of these times work for you?”  You can also simply say that you are free during the professor’s office hours and ask whether you should just drop in or request an appointment within that time frame. By offering times that work for you, you make it easy for the next email to do the work of setting up the appointment.

IC Honors FYI: Alumni Panel Info!

This Friday, February 26, we are hosting another Honors Alumni Panel at 4pm in Textor 101. This year we have three awesome panelists – Jesse Katen ’05, Melissa Littlefield ’00 and Lily Shafer ’08. Here’s some more information on each of the panelists:

Jesse pic.jpgJesse Katen graduated from Ithaca College in 2005, majoring in Politics. He went on to earn an MA in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture from Binghamton University in 2007 and also owns The Jesse Katen School of Dance in Windsor, NY, which is in its twelfth season. In addition to teaching ballet, tap, jazz, and acro at his studio, Jesse also teaches English at SUNY Broome Community College, where he serves on the committee that established and oversees the college’s Honors Program. Jesse also travels regularly as a professional dance competition judge, having adjudicated more than fifty competitions across the United States, including several nationals. In 2015, he one of three dance judges nominated for the Dance Gala Award for Outstanding Judge by the Association of Dance Competitions and Conventions.

Jesse serves on the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Binghamton and chairs the International Service Committee, having successfully completed international projects including establishing a program to feed malnourished children in the Philippines and helping rebuild schools damaged by the earthquake in Nepal. In 2014, he and his 72-year-old student raised more than $7,000 for charity performing a tap dance challenge. He successfully authored a grant for $18,000 to expand the Planetarium programming at the Roberson Museum and Science Center in Binghamton. Jesse serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Broome County Public Library and is slated to become President of the Rotary Club of Binghamton in 2017. He was recently the subject of a featured story on WBNG-TV entitled “Tales from the Tiers.” 

IMG_0865 (1).JPGMelissa Littlefield is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she teaches classes on Science Fiction, Feminist Science Studies, Body Studies, and Literature and Science. After graduating from Ithaca College in 2000, she earned her dual PhD in English and Women’s Studies from Penn State University. In 2011, she published her first book, The Lying Brain, Lie Detection in Science and Science Fiction; in 2012, she co-edited a second book with Jenell Johnson titled, The Neuroscientific Turn: Transdisciplinarity in the Age of the Brain. Melissa is currently writing a book about novel EEG technologies in popular culture, tentatively titled, Instrumental Intimacies: Measuring and Modifying the Brain Through Mobile EEG. She also co-edits Configurations, A Journal of Literature, Science and Technology. Basically, she loves finding interesting connections between science and culture. 

Originally from Ithaca, Melissa loves coming back to NY to visit family and spend summers in the small house she built with her husband a few years ago. When she’s not thinking about brains, you can find her knitting and spinning various woolen fibers in Illinois or playing board games with her 11 yr old son. 

IMG_0296.JPGLily Shafer discovered a love for technology and learning at Ithaca College in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Her ability to translate technical jargon and computing concepts to students and faculty made her an extremely effective student help desk technician at IC. As a self-confessed technology geek and a English major, Lily believes anyone can and should be able to learn to use a technology effectively and should never be made to feel foolish about their inexperience. This belief compelled her to pursue a MS degree in Information Science: an interdisciplinary field straddling the line between technologies and the people who use them. Lily’s work there inspired her to pursue a career in instructional design to provide the best learning environments for a new generation of teachers and learners in our interconnected age. She began working at The College of Saint Rose in February 2014 and has quickly earned the respect of members of the faculty with whom she has collaborated as an instructional designer, with the goal of providing the best learning environments for a new generation of teachers and learners in our interconnected age.

Outside of work, Lily is still a voracious reader and video game geek, and plays D&D with the most well-dressed group of professionals she’s ever known (who said adults ever had to grow up?). She is also a fiber artist, who dyes, spins, knits, weaves and sews all sorts of works. All of this is done in the company of her two dogs, who are too smart for her own good (and conspire to steal her peanut butter sandwiches). 

Come meet them all on Friday at our Alumni Panel!

IC Honors FYI: Living in the Honors RLC next year!

22825_fullIt’s hard to believe that the time has come already to talk about housing for next fall, but the RLC selection process is already underway. Check out this message from Residence Director of Lyon Katie Hellmann about the process of living in the Honors RLC in Lyon Hall as an upper-years student and some of the benefits:

Much of what makes Honors and Lyon hall unique and great are the upper-year students who provide mentorship and leadership in the hall.  If that wasn’t enough incentive to at least apply to live in Lyon next year, here are another 4 reasons to live in Lyon next year:

1. You know your housing assignment sooner!  By living in an RLC, you get to pick your housing by MARCH 10th!! That’s almost three months before your peers do! Do you want to block house with others?  Well, it’s possible to room next to your friends during RLC selection without the hassle of applying or having someone assign rooms for you.  Double bonus!

2. Proximity: Lyon hall is super close to the academic side of campus, fitness center, and campus center.  With most of the academic school year occurring during winter, being close to these buildings sounds like a no-brainer to me.

3. Resources:  Compared to other halls, Lyon hall is STOCKED! Games, computers, kitchens, laundry machines, Keurig, kitchen supplies, oh my!  These resources are a huge bonus to living in Lyon.

4. Community: Let’s be honest here. The community in Lyon is AMAZING (probably because you are amazing people).  People are friendly, nice, and always willing to make new friends. We have more events and opportunities than other communities. The community in Lyon hall is so unique; why not come back and be part of this community again?


Here are the important things to remember:

 Application deadline is March 7th!!  Just because you apply, doesn’t mean that you have to live in Lyon. And just because you select housing doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind later.  Honestly, I would recommend applying just to have a back-up plan!  Because if you don’t apply, than you can’t select later on.  Applications are through HomerConnect. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out a khellmann@ithaca.edu! 

IC Honors Advice: Making Appointments I

: Make appointments in advance if you want to see faculty even if it’s during their office hours.

Why: Office hours are drop in times but it doesn’t hurt to make an appointment. There are many reasons why a faculty member may miss an office hour such as a last minute meeting or a sick child. Making an appointment keeps you from being frustrated if a faculty member isn’t there. When making the appointment let the faculty member know what you want to meet about as this will help them prepare for the meeting. With this said, if you need help and didn’t make an appointment certainly stop by office hours.

IC Honors News: Introducing Katie Hellmann as an Honors Program Coordinator

PhotoMany of you know Katie as the exceptional RD of Lyon Hall and now she is also serving in the role of Program Coordinator for Honors. Her immediate focus will be on advising and so look for emails from Katie as she will start with making sure our juniors are on track. Katie will also serve on the Honors Steering Committee. I’m excited to have Katie in this new role as we look to strengthen the connections between res life and the rest of the Honors Program. If you see Katie then welcome and congratulate her.