IC Honors Student Spotlight: Kelli Kyle ’17

Meet our student spotlight of the week, junior Journalism major with minors in History and French from Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Kelli Kyle! Kelli is currently abroad in Aix, France, so we send her good wishes from the States – learn more about Kelli below!
Favorite part about IC:I really love the opportunities available at Ithaca College. As a first-year student, I was already having my articles published in the Ithacan, video packages aired on ICTV and live newscasts heard on WICB. It was so easy for me to get involved very early on in my college career, which helped build my passion for the field of journalism.”
Favorite Honors Seminar (so far) and why:Sex, Gender, and Desire with Dr. Carla Golden is definitely one of the most fantastic honors seminars I’ve taken at IC. Words cannot describe how awesome Carla Golden is. The material in the course challenged me to think about those subjects way more deeply than I had in the past. The open discussions of the class brought up many interesting ideas and generated an intellectual and informed discourse on the title topics. As a feminist, this course definitely played a huge role in helping me discern my own beliefs, and think about feminism as it pertains to identity, class, race and other factors. I also took a course on feminism in science fiction with Professor Katharine Kittredge my first year at IC, and it was phenomenal. Go feminism!”
Coolest opportunity through IC and/or the Honors Program:The first weekend of spring break, I had the opportunity to travel with a student team to Selma, Alabama, to help NBC cover the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday. This was an amazing experience I’ve had through IC that I will never forget. While there, we interviewed foot soldiers from the original march and filmed for NBC from the crowd during the reenactment of the march. I’ll never forget that moment at the start of the march when I was walking in the center of the crowd as everyone around me began singing, “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around.” The history of why they were marching coupled with the significance of the song itself added much power to the whole experience. Being able to travel to this event was incredible, and I consider myself very fortunate to attend a school that provides its students with opportunities like this one.”
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