IC Honors Student Spotlight: Kyle Brassil ’17

Meet our student spotlight of the week, junior Kyle Brassil with a major in Cinema and Photography and a minor in Art from Kingston, RI who’s fresh off a semester abroad in London! Learn more about Kyle below:


Favorite part about IC:I love that there is community where I don’t feel like an outsider. Growing up I always thought that I would never fit in, but Ithaca College has so many unique, bizarre, and incredible people who just sort of say ‘Who cares if you’re weird? We want you to join us!’ This College just sort of creates that feeling inside you: the desire to be inclusive.”
Favorite Honors Seminar (so far) and why:Teenage Wasteland my freshman year. I may be a bit partial because it was my first, but this seminar with Bruce Henderson was such a great way to indulge in such a unique topic. Being able to go through so many variations on the ‘Young Adult in Dystopia’ genre was great in exploring differences in story structure, and it definitely helps you out when such a big part of your major involves telling a story.”
Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:The ability to study abroad in London. Ask anyone who’s ever spent a semester out of the country and you’ll sentence yourself to a half hour rant on why they wish they could go back. Personally, I’m just eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to become integrated in a new city and a new country. The London Center still feels wholly Ithaca though, with Bill’s City as Text class for Honors students feeling like it came straight from the mind of old Pfaff himself. If anyone is on the fence about studying abroad, I highly recommend it. At the very least you’ll come back with new memories and worldviews”
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