IC Honors Advice: On Recommendations II

Give your recommender plenty of time to write your letter.

Why: Don’t ask someone to write you a recommendation at the last minute unless it’s an extenuating circumstance which you feel the recommender would understand. Make sure you provide the recommender with clear deadlines so they can plan accordingly. Many recommenders wait until the last minute to write recommendations and many are often late. It is acceptable to send no more than two friendly reminders about deadlines. If you’re really concerned, ask the office to which you are applying if they can send a reminder to your recommender. The benefit of many electronic recommendation systems is that they do this automatically until the recommender has completed the recommendation. Finally, send a thank you note! Often you are one of many individuals for whom your reference is writing a letter. Don’t be the only one who doesn’t show some appreciation. A handwritten thank you note goes a long way.