IC Honors Student Spotlight: Maddy Parkes

Meet sophomore Maddy Parkes, a Piano Performance and Music Education major with a minor in Music Theory Concentration from Langhorne, PA! Maddy is an RA in the Honors RLC in Lyon Hall – learn more about her below:


Favorite part about IC:I love so many things about IC! I love the rigorous music program and how it challenges me to be the best performer and musician I can be. I enjoy going to sessions through the Student Leadership Institute and learning how to develop my leadership skills in relation to leading my personal self as well as others. I also love being an RA and interacting with all of my residents. But none of the things that I love would be possible without the amazing people that I have met here over time. :)”

Favorite Honors seminar and why:Definitely The Golden City taught by Bob Sullivan. It was an amazing seminar because we learned about and read a lot of literature from the time period of Ancient Greece while having so much fun! I loved getting to know my professor and the other students in my class, and because of the research that I did I was able to present at the Whalen Symposium my freshman year. It was a great seminar to help me transition to IC.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities already here, but I think one of the coolest opportunities that I’ve had was performing an elective recital my freshman year. It was the day last year in March when there was a school-wide power outage, so my recital had to be cancelled and moved to the afternoon of the next day. I was very worried, but despite the setback, I was able to demonstrate how much I had learned about piano through performing some awesome pieces, including one that was on my bucket list since high school.”

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