IC Honors Seminar Spotlight: Opera Immersion, Le Nozze di Fiagro

Timothy Johnson and Erik Angerhofer are collaborating on this year’s opera immersion seminar, which concludes with a trip to the Met in NYC to see Le Nozze di Fiagro. Learn more below!



Describe your seminar in one sentence. Using Le nozze di Figaro (“The Marriage of Figaro”) as a vehicle for exploration, this seminar will provide students with an opportunity to interact and engage with the many forms and facets of art synthesized in opera—culminating with a live performance at the legendary Metropolitan Opera.

Describe your classroom style in one sentence. We use an interactive teaching style emphasizing direct student engagement.

What is one thing you hope students will take away from your seminar? By engaging students’ senses through direct contact with music, drama, scenery, lighting, costumes, makeup, and many other aspects of opera production, we hope students will consider further exploration of opera.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students? At some point in history, opera singers were the “rock stars” of their time. Why is that, and how can it still be relevant today?

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