IC Honors Student Spotlight: Theodora Weatherby

Meet Theodora, a senior Anthropology and Environmental Studies double major from Homer, NY! Learn more about Theodora below:


Favorite part about IC:I have really grown to love the strong sense of community across campus, both with students and faculty. I love that professors from freshman year still remember my name, and that I can see so many familiar faces as I walk to and from class. But since almost everyone says something about the community, I also love the coffee and muffins at the pub and watching the fountains at night!”

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why:It is a tie between my freshman seminar, Lethal Girls and Lady Knights, and Batman: Power and Justice Through Film! I’d take either again anytime!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program:The Anthropology department at IC has really given me so much! I was able to go to Hawaii for a winter session class and do my fieldwork (and I’m going back this winter!), I’ve been able to work with skeletal remains, and I’ve done illustrations in the archaeology lab that got published!”

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