IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Sara Gardner ’13

Meet Sara, a 2013 graduate who majored in TVR with a concentration in Video Production! Sara is currently the National Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for The ONE Group. Find out more about Sara below!


Current positions: “I am currently the National Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for a lifestyle hospitality company called The ONE Group, based out of the corporate offices in New York City. Our company develops restaurant concepts and operates food & beverage for hotels across the US, UK and Europe. I write a lot of press releases, plan a lot of awesome events (I’ve been to the Super Bowl, SXSW, Coachella and Tribeca Film Festival this year!) and develop marketing and branding initiatives for our restaurants across the globe!”

One piece of advice you wish you had been given at IC: “Don’t take your courses and experiences for granted. While I feel so well-prepared coming out of IC, I really wish I had savored what we were learning a little more and took the time to step back and appreciate it, to read and re-read the articles/books/etc. that were given to me. College is truly an unparalleled experience, and it’s about just that – the experience. Learn to enjoy all aspects of collegiate life – your dorm, the classes, the campus, studying abroad, internships, writing papers, walking around the Commons – all of it. I also wish I had saved all the suggested book lists and movie lists that I got from professors…”

Favorite Honors Seminar you took and why: “That’s a tough one! I took two courses with Carla Golden, I feel like those classes opened me up to see gender and sexuality in a completely new way. Our discussions were always so open and frank, and I always walked in to the classroom excited and left the classroom inspired.

My ultimate favorite course was with Bill Sheasgreen at ICLC [Ithaca College London Center] which was London As Text. I have never walked so much in my life, but I have never felt a city’s history come alive around me and feel so tangible. I also did a theatre-focused trip to London through the Honors Program, and though I would hardly call myself a theatre buff, it really was inspiring for me and definitely helped me realize that I wanted to pursue studying abroad there.”

One word that sums up your university experience: “The beginning.”

Another fun fact about Sara is that we featured her little sister, Anna, who is a first-year student, in a Summer Student Spotlight earlier this year!

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