IC Honors Advice: Professional Communication – Email Salutation I

: Use “Professor” or “Dr.” in email salutations and do not refer to your female professors as “Mrs.” unless they have requested that you do so.

Why: “Professor” or “Dr” are the appropriate honorifics for all faculty members, male and female, unless instructed otherwise.  This matters to many faculty members for the same reason that we all prefer to be identified by our actual name, not a false name. “Professor” or “Dr” accurately indicates the professional identity of a faculty member.  Furthermore, “Mrs.” refers to a marital status that may or may not apply to your female faculty members; you should not presume that it does.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Kelsey Fons

Meet senior Kelsey Fons, a B.F.A. Art major with minors in Art History & Psychology from Avon, CT! You can check out some of her artwork on her website here. Kelsey is the events coordinator for the Honors Program so you’ll probably see her around Honors events a lot this year. Learn more about Kelsey below:


Favorite part about IC:The opportunities I have had here. I did not know I was going to be an art major when I was looking at colleges and if I had it might have influenced my decision. I am so glad I ended up here though because of the liberal arts curriculum and its size, I have had many opportunities that I am sure I would not have been able to get if I went to art school. IC ended up being the perfect college for me. I also love the people on campus and in the community.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why:Either Why Are We Here? or Creativity and Madness. Why Are We Here? was the perfect introduction to college academics and the honors program. I learned an incredible amount about college and the entire educational system, which was scary and interesting as a freshman. Plus Tom and Elizabeth are awesome, how can you go wrong? Creativity and Madness blended my interests perfectly and I was interested in everything we talked about. I wish it was offered more!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:I love the honors seminars. All of them have been challenging, and everyone is willing to contribute. Since there is a blend of all sorts of majors, everyone brings something different to the conversation. I love hearing other people’s perspectives and challenging myself to think of new ones, which all the seminars allow for.”

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IC Honors Advice: Keep Connected to Succeed II

2660204217_cb892e21acAdvice: Check your Ithaca College e-mail every day.

Why: E-mail is the primary way that most professors communicate with their students, as well as all the other offices on campus. If you aren’t checking your email, then you may miss an important announcement, memo, or other communication. It is a good idea to check your e-mail through myhome since there are other college announcements posted in the myhome portal. You can’t take advantage of an opportunity if you don’t know it exists. Also, make sure you do not let your email box reach capacity.

IC Honors Event: Shaw Festival

CanadaAnother fabulous trip is coming up next weekend! We are going to the Shaw Festival in beautiful, Niagara on the Lake, Canada. The Shaw Festival is a theater company, where we will see the show Sweet Charity, participate in a workshop, and explore Niagara on the Lake. We will leave Ithaca on Saturday the 19th at 6:00am, and return around 10:00pm.

Tickets go on sale this Tuesday, the 15th, during the noon hour in the Ithaca Falls room, in the Campus Center. Tickets are $20, and as usual, tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, individuals may buy no more than three tickets, and refunds will only be provide if your spot can be filled.  Learn more about the Shaw Festival at http://www.shawfest.com/

A passport or enhanced driver’s license is needed in order to go on this trip, since it is in Canada.

IC Honors Advice: Keep Connected to Succeed I

PrintAdvice: Stay in touch with your instructors and don’t disappear.

Why: Woody Allen famously said that, “90% of life is just showing up.” Honors students are usually really great about attendance and interacting with their faculty. But it can also be the case that Honors students may have special difficulties when things aren’t going as planned – after all you’re Honors students, nothing is ever supposed to go wrong in your lives, right? Well…if you’re not doing well in a seminar or are having motivation issues or health problems, don’t withdraw into the terra incognita of your dorm. Your faculty will not know what to make of your absence unless you tell them what’s up. Make an appointment to speak to them. Be honest and open. It may not be comfortable but, at minimum, it will help you control the narrative of your education.

IC Honors Events: Outdoor Adventure Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales for two outdoor adventure trips go on sale on Thursday Sept 10 at noon in the Honors Lounge. Student must attend a pre-trip meeting for both of these events and there is no expectation that participants have either backpacking or rock climbing experience.

hiking-691738_640Overnight Backpacking: Leave Friday Sept 25th at 5:00pm and returns Saturday Sept 26 at around 5:00pm. All equipment is provided. Ten tickets will  be sold at a cost of $10 and there will be a wait list of up to ten. If the wait list gets close to ten, then the trip may add spots.  All necessary equipment and food will be provided.

rock-climbing-403486_640Rock Climbing. Leave Saturday Oct 3rd at 7:30am and arrive back on campus around 6:00pm. There will be ten spots available at a cost of $10. All necessary equipment and food will be provided.

As with all Honors trips, tickets will be sold on a first come and refunds will only be provided if your spot can be filled.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Sara Harmon

Meet senior Sara Harmon! Sara is a Integrated Marketing Communications major from Bolton, CT. Learn more about Sara below.


Favorite part about IC: “It is hard to choose my favorite part about Ithaca College, but one aspect I really like is the size of my classes. The classes are just the right size; they are small enough that I am able to meet my professor and develop a professional relationship with them, but they are also large enough that I am often able to meet a couple of new students in each class. There are always smiling familiar faces, but there are also opportunities to make new friends.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “One Honors seminar I really enjoyed was Cultural Encounters [with Ithaca College]. This seminar gave me the opportunity to attend several different types of events held on campus, even some that I may not have originally thought to attend. This seminar really encouraged me to appreciate everything that we have going on on campus. I also enjoyed supporting fellow students by attending the various events.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “Thanks to my Advertising and Media Planning courses, my friend, Lauren Denecke, and I were able to learn about the 2014 Media Plan Case Competition, organized by the Washington Media Scholars Foundation. After progressing through the first two rounds of this competition, we were then selected as a Case Competition Finalist. We were one of six teams, from across the country, invited to attend Media Scholars Week in Washington, D.C., and to present our final media plan to a panel of judges at the Newseum. It was an amazing and intense week filled with lectures, tours, discussions, and finally, a large networking event. At the end of the week, following all six teams’ final presentations, Lauren and I were awarded 2014 Media Plan Case Competition Runner-Up (2nd place).”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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