IC Honors YMLT: Tom Gets Outsmarted by a Hen

New-ChicksI went to clean the chicken coop yesterday and was surprised to find seven baby chicks that must have been born within the last 24 hours. How can this happen? It seem our perpetually broody hen, seen in the picture (It’s a Silkie), must have taken seven eggs from the nesting box about a month ago. It is likely that none of these eggs are hers since she stopped laying some time ago. She located herself in a corner of the coop and kept them warm (yes we have a rooster) and hence the chicks. She would always sit in the nesting box on eggs with an apparent strong desire to have chicks. We would always move her out of the way and take the eggs. I guess she got tired of this and hatched her plan (great pun). She would often not go out when the hens were let to free roam, and so we didn’t really pay much attention to her. Well she is now a happy mom with seven babies. Put this under the category of nature finds a way.