IC Honors Student Spotlight: Kelsey Fons

Meet senior Kelsey Fons, a B.F.A. Art major with minors in Art History & Psychology from Avon, CT! You can check out some of her artwork on her website here. Kelsey is the events coordinator for the Honors Program so you’ll probably see her around Honors events a lot this year. Learn more about Kelsey below:


Favorite part about IC:The opportunities I have had here. I did not know I was going to be an art major when I was looking at colleges and if I had it might have influenced my decision. I am so glad I ended up here though because of the liberal arts curriculum and its size, I have had many opportunities that I am sure I would not have been able to get if I went to art school. IC ended up being the perfect college for me. I also love the people on campus and in the community.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why:Either Why Are We Here? or Creativity and Madness. Why Are We Here? was the perfect introduction to college academics and the honors program. I learned an incredible amount about college and the entire educational system, which was scary and interesting as a freshman. Plus Tom and Elizabeth are awesome, how can you go wrong? Creativity and Madness blended my interests perfectly and I was interested in everything we talked about. I wish it was offered more!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:I love the honors seminars. All of them have been challenging, and everyone is willing to contribute. Since there is a blend of all sorts of majors, everyone brings something different to the conversation. I love hearing other people’s perspectives and challenging myself to think of new ones, which all the seminars allow for.”

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