IC Honors Student Spotlight: Sara Harmon

Meet senior Sara Harmon! Sara is a Integrated Marketing Communications major from Bolton, CT. Learn more about Sara below.


Favorite part about IC: “It is hard to choose my favorite part about Ithaca College, but one aspect I really like is the size of my classes. The classes are just the right size; they are small enough that I am able to meet my professor and develop a professional relationship with them, but they are also large enough that I am often able to meet a couple of new students in each class. There are always smiling familiar faces, but there are also opportunities to make new friends.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “One Honors seminar I really enjoyed was Cultural Encounters [with Ithaca College]. This seminar gave me the opportunity to attend several different types of events held on campus, even some that I may not have originally thought to attend. This seminar really encouraged me to appreciate everything that we have going on on campus. I also enjoyed supporting fellow students by attending the various events.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “Thanks to my Advertising and Media Planning courses, my friend, Lauren Denecke, and I were able to learn about the 2014 Media Plan Case Competition, organized by the Washington Media Scholars Foundation. After progressing through the first two rounds of this competition, we were then selected as a Case Competition Finalist. We were one of six teams, from across the country, invited to attend Media Scholars Week in Washington, D.C., and to present our final media plan to a panel of judges at the Newseum. It was an amazing and intense week filled with lectures, tours, discussions, and finally, a large networking event. At the end of the week, following all six teams’ final presentations, Lauren and I were awarded 2014 Media Plan Case Competition Runner-Up (2nd place).”

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