IC Honors Events: Outdoor Adventure Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales for two outdoor adventure trips go on sale on Thursday Sept 10 at noon in the Honors Lounge. Student must attend a pre-trip meeting for both of these events and there is no expectation that participants have either backpacking or rock climbing experience.

hiking-691738_640Overnight Backpacking: Leave Friday Sept 25th at 5:00pm and returns Saturday Sept 26 at around 5:00pm. All equipment is provided. Ten tickets will  be sold at a cost of $10 and there will be a wait list of up to ten. If the wait list gets close to ten, then the trip may add spots.  All necessary equipment and food will be provided.

rock-climbing-403486_640Rock Climbing. Leave Saturday Oct 3rd at 7:30am and arrive back on campus around 6:00pm. There will be ten spots available at a cost of $10. All necessary equipment and food will be provided.

As with all Honors trips, tickets will be sold on a first come and refunds will only be provided if your spot can be filled.