IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Singer ’13

Welcome back to our monthly Alumni Spotlights now that the school year has started again! We’ll be featuring different alumni on the first Wednesday of every month, so if you know some cool alumni, don’t forget to nominate them here!

Meet Sarah Singer, a 2013 graduate who majored in Creative Writing and Philosophy and Religious Studies and is currently an English teacher at the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Seoul, South Korea. Learn more about Sarah below!


One piece of advice you wish someone had given you in your years at IC: “Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into something new, be it study abroad, a weird sport (quidditch shout out), or a class that challenges you. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and meet amazing people along the way, and your only regret will be not doing it (whatever it may be) sooner!”

Favorite Honors seminar you took and why: “It’s tough to choose, but I’ll go with International Scholarly Conversations with Rachel Wagner. It gave me the chance to meet amazing Fulbright scholars and learn about other disciplines, which ultimately broadened my own scholarly horizons.”

One word that sums up your university experience: “Fulfilling!”

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