IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Jill Weidman

Meet Jill, a rising senior Environmental Science major!


This summer, Jill has spent her time in Ithaca beekeeping at IC (as featured in her photo above!) and is a manager for the Environmental Science/Studies lab.

Jill is looking forward to spending her final year with the Honors program.

“I’m so glad to have been able to participate in the IC Honors program over the past three years. One of the aspects of the Honors program that is so valuable to me is the nature of the classes offered to us. In my more skills-focused major, I would not have the opportunity to dwell so deeply on a singular subject in the way we are free to do in Honors classes. In Bruce Henderson’s Performing Antigone class, for example, we spent the entire semester on different versions of that one story and by the end, I felt I knew Antigone better than I knew myself! Thanks for the great times, Honors!”

We’re starting to look for more student spotlights for the school year for both current students and alums!

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