IC Honors Advice: Living in Ithaca I

9319942805_79c7879a93_bAdvice: Be respectful of community members not associated with the College.

Why: Ithaca is recognized as one of the best places to live in the country and one of the best college towns and a big reason for these kudos is the vibrancy of the people in the region who aren’t members of the college communities. For example, the Ithaca Farmers Market is made possible by the farmers, artists, and craftspeople who travel to Ithaca each weekend to celebrate our bounty. Remember–you are ambassadors of the student body of Ithaca College every time you enter the wider community and engage with its people.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Matt Vasquez

Welcome back to school, Honorites! We’re returning to our regular student spotlights for the school year, kicking it off with Matt, a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Theatre from New York, NY!
Favorite part about Ithaca College:My favorite part about IC is definitely the community. This is the most open and accepting community that I have ever came across, and it feels great. Not only that, but there are also many optimistic and considerate persons all around campus, from the students to the professors and staff members.”
Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “My favorite Honors seminar has to be the very first one I’ve ever taken—Student Culture and College—Fall of 2013. This course has certainly been an eye-opening experience that allowed me to understand why I am in college and how I can value the next four years. It was very interesting analyzing cultural norms and values within different media and how it affects our generation. It was truly a fun learning experience that I enjoyed.”
Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program:The coolest opportunity I’ve had through IC, so far, is being able to work through many departments around campus. I have enjoyed every moment working in different places because I was able to go in and make a difference in every single one of them. Influencing my coworkers to value their job and their department was the most important one. It is important to be a positive influence to everyone around you because it’ll show them that there is little time in the world to be negative, but so much time to be optimistic.”
We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors Events: Whitewater Rafting

426481_458830517521780_1091451695_nWHITE WATER RAFTING!, our first trip of the semester is this weekend, Saturday the 29th. We are going to the Adirondack River Outfitters to do some rafting all day long!

Tickets for this trip will be going on sale this THURSDAY August 27th during the lunch hour in ITHACA FALLS room in the Campus Center.  Tickets will be $25 each, please bring exact change if you are paying with cash!  As usual, you may buy 2 tickets for friends with time conflicts. Tickets are first come first served! If necessary, refunds will only happen if the seat can be filled.

This is an all day long trip.  We will be leaving campus at 6:00am, be arriving back at campus no earlier than 9pm (we will likely get back around 7:00pm but don’t plan on anything sooner than 9pm).


WHAT TO WEAR: – Bathing suit – Quick-dry clothing (please stay away from cotton garments as they have a tendency to keep you colder) – Old sneakers, watershoes, tevas, etc. (you want something on your foot that can get wet but is not going to fall off)

WHAT TO BRING: – Change of clothes for after trip – Extra shoes – Towel

Leave all valuables at home; jewelry, watches, cameras that are not waterproof, etc.

For colder weather trips: – Poly-pro or other synthetic long underwear – Wool socks – Wetsuits are available on the day of the trip and are required on spring rafting trips. There is a rental fee of $20.00.

IC Honors Advice: Course Materials

PrintAdvice: Make sure you have the assigned readings for your courses on time.

Why: It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have the assigned reading on time.  If you are, understandably, trying to save money by ordering books online, do not go your professor and ask to borrow a copy until yours arrived or ask if you can have an extension on being up to date with reading. Professors don’t have enough copies to lend to everyone and extensions don’t help as students are expected to have done the reading to participate fully in class. Sometimes being penny wise can make the student (appear) foolish.  Faculty know books are an expensive part of college, but they typically remain necessary.  Most of your professors think long and hard in selecting books, so we do have a reason for requiring them. Also, if you use a library book, never mark in it!

IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Alexa Salvato

Meet Alexa, a rising junior Journalism major!twitter picture

Alexa has spent her summer interning at Bust magazine as a blogging/editorial intern! She already has a few articles up on their website, one about emojis from 5/21 and one about birth control from 5/14. She is also freelancing for her hometown paper, the North Salem News!

Alexa’s favorite part of the Honors program is the people who are in it.

“My favorite part of the Honors program is that, when I’m in Honors classes, students are genuinely engaged and excited to take part in the conversation. It creates a sense of community both inside and outside of the classroom.”

We’re starting to look for more student spotlights for the school year for both current students and alums!

Do you know a really cool Honors student? Nominate them to be a Student Spotlight here!
Do you know a really cool alum of the Honors program? Nominate them to be an Alumni Spotlight here!

Email sguter1@ithaca.edu with any questions, concerns, or nominations.