IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Megan Hooley

Meet Megan, a rising senior BFA Film, Photography & Visual Arts major!meg4

This summer, Megan is working with 2 prolific artists, Kim and Philippe Villard, through a paid internship in Boothbay Harbor, ME. The artists have collaborated since 1986 and have featured artwork around the world. In the winter they create environmentally conscious artwork and preservation activities at their off-grid studio in the forests of Provence, France. They believe in giving back to the environments that inspire them. She’ll be doing a variety of different things, including producing and editing their tutorial videos, helping Kim set up their newest gallery down in the harbor,  photographing their artistic process, painting woodblock prints, and working directly with them as a sub-contractor. They also invited her to help with pre-production planning in June for their feature-length documentary they hope to film about the American-woodblock-printing process in the future once they gather enough funding. On top of it all, while Megan is in Maine she’ll be shooting footage for an independent-documentary study in her free time, featuring two German women she met in Ithaca last fall– that will become her Senior Thesis once she returns to Ithaca in the Spring.

Megan’s favorite part about the Honors program is something that all Honors students can definitely relate to.

“My favorite part of the Honors program has been the reliable supply of ink in the honors printers and food that appears in the lounge when you need it most. Sort of like Harry Potter’s ‘Room of Requirement.’ ”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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