IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Samantha Castonguay

Meet Samantha, an incoming transfer student from SUNY Albany who plans to major in Environmental Sciences and Health Education (with plans to attend grad school for Health Education, hopefully becoming a Human Sexuality professor and/or researcher)!IMG_20140905_190144

This summer, Sam is taking a break after her exhausting first year of college! She recently started working at a local state park as a campsite greeter and park maintenance worker. Besides that, her band plans to record their first album (she plays the bass and sings alongside a guitarist/vocalist and drummer) and she’s excited to be able to learn to work with sound recording software and equipment. She’s hoping to relax and continue her passion of baking and cake decorating as a hobby (and small business she runs out of her home kitchen) on top of music and work!

Sam is excited to continue her Honors experience at IC in the fall.

“The main reason why I chose to apply and participate in the IC Honors Program was to continue my original plan for college. I was really quite excited to write a senior thesis and conduct research with a professor in my field(s). The fear of not having this opportunity was really influential on my decision to transfer to IC. I enjoyed all of the opportunities offered by the Honors Program at SUNY Albany and was really hoping to keep them when transferring. However, after applying, I was even more pleased with and surprised by the IC Honors Program. Drawing me in to both the program and Ithaca College was the sense of community and camaraderie among the students and faculty. The program and college feel more like home and I’m so excited to share it with everyone this fall!”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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