IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Ellie Corne

Meet Ellie Corne, an incoming first year international student from Shanghai, China with a major in Environmental Studies!
IMG_3663.1This summer, Ellie is attending Berklee College of Music’s Five Week Performance Program in Boston, focusing on R&B/Jazz/Rock vocals. When the program ends, she’ll be dashing up to Ithaca for the International Orientation on the 18th, so say hi to her there!

Ellie is really excited to explore all the opportunities the Honors Program offers.

“Having grown up in Shanghai as an expat, I have been exposed to many different cultures, perspectives, and languages. This experience has not only taught me how to deal with a society that is constantly in rapid transition, but has also made me an open minded person. I, like many others that have chosen to be in the Honours program, am intellectually curious about so many things, whether it be academically based, philosophical, or cultural. The Honours program will feed my curiousity, by giving me great opportunities to learn about what I’m interested in, while exploring other amazing fields. I have always wanted to be surrounded by similarly minded people with whom I can learn and contribute to mutual growth. I feel that being an Honorite will push me to the highest end of my academic potential and allow me to make an even greater contribution to the college and my classmates. I am excited for the seminar style classes, as I work best in tightly knit, discussion based environments. Lastly, the activities listed in the honours program are fantastic – who wouldn’t want to visit art museums, attend music events, and possibly travel to London?”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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