IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Samantha Guter

Meet Sam, a rising senior Journalism major!


Sam is spending her final summer before graduation in the homeland of Ithaca, working as a manager for Campus Center & Event Services (meaning she’s wandering around Campus Center in a polo and jingling with keys, managing the Info Desk and setting up all the events for orientation) as well as managing the Honors Program’s social media, visiting home in Chicago for a few of her best friends’ weddings and will be attending Phi Kappa Phi’s Leadership Summit later in the summer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sam’s favorite part about the Honors Program is the community.

“I love all the people Honors has allowed me to be with. All of my best friends have been in Honors in one way or another – in classes with me, in Lyon Hall where I lived and was an RA, or just hanging out in the Honors lounge. I definitely believe that Honors attracts the best and weirdest people on campus and it’s great to be a part of such a vibrant academic community.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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