IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Hannah Titlebaum

Meet Hannah Titlebaum, an incoming first-year Legal Studies student!speech pic

This summer, Hannah will be staying at home with her twin little brothers (Sam and Josh, age 11) while her mother goes to teach at the New England Music Camp and her step-father goes to work as the Sergeant Major of the United States Military Academy Concert Band. She’s planning lots of exciting trips to the beach and museums and New York City to keep them occupied until she leave for Ithaca to spend August with her dad and step-mom before school starts. She’ll also be continuing to work as a senior sales associate at the academy gift shop in between taking care of her little brothers!

Hannah is looking forward to being an active member of campus and the honors program!

“I’ve been looking at ways to be involved on campus for the next four years, particularly in areas that I think will either further my growth or help others, and the honors program seemed like it might be the blend of both I was looking for–a conglomeration of fun activities, opportunities for academic exploration, chances to grow and make an impact in other areas on campus, and a sense of a smaller and meaningful community within the college. So I’m very much looking forward to making the most of the honors program and enjoying everything it has to offer!”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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