IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Arianna Ashby

Meet another incoming first-year student, Arianna!

DSC_0269This summer, Arianna is headed to Taiwan, Thailand and Japan for a month. In Thailand, she’ll be doing some community service and helping teach students with a group called HUG Academy, as well as zip lining through the forests and seeing Buddhist temples. In Japan, she’ll be scuba diving in Okanawa.

Arianna is looking forward to the intellectual challenge she’ll have in the Honors community.

“I wanted to be apart of the Honors Program because I enjoy challenging myself and being intellectually engaged. I love mentally pushing myself to my limits and having new experiences. I want to grow in who I am and see how others view the world. I am confident these things will come to pass with the help of the small classes and discussions that are offered in the program.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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