IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Kayla Dwyer

Meet Kayla, a rising junior Journalism major!


This summer, Kayla is interning as a news reporter for The Morning Call, a daily newspaper in Allentown, PA.

Kayla’s experience in the Honors Program has allowed her to be involved in many different aspects of campus life.

“As a student whose extracurriculars pull me in many different directions, I have been grateful for the openness of the Honors community. I have lived in it for two years, and though I spend long hours in the Park school or a Whalen practice room, my peers are always welcoming and inclusive when I do return. Some of my fondest memories so far have been from the many Honors seminars I’ve taken, which are also where I made some true, life-long friends. When I talk about the Honors Program, what I highlight the most is how much it has expanded from simply a course credit requirement to a comprehensive program encouraging both scholarly and community engagement.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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