IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Molly Robbins

For the summer, we’re starting something a little bit different with our Student Spotlights! We’re highlighting some of our awesome Honors students and what they’re up to this summer, as well as introducing some incoming first-year students who are already doing great things with their summers. Keep an eye out for these posts on Monday and Wednesday afternoons!

For our first spotlight of the summer, meet Molly Robbins! She’s a rising sophomore Psychology major.

11150622_10203878324334324_6285267492176123882_nThis summer, Molly is travelling all across Europe on a trip that she’s been saving for since she was twelve! She is flying to Paris by herself, then meeting up with a friend and they’re headed to Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, and Dublin.

Molly’s favorite experience in the program so far has been Katharyn Machan’s seminar Women and Fairy Tales.

“We were encouraged to write creatively, which was something I had really missed. Professor Machan also often brought in little trinkets and costumes that had to do with what we were talking about and we passed them around or wrote about them. But the best part was that for our final “exam”, we learned how to belly dance. We had a final paper due, but for the time period sectioned for an exam, we all walked down to Longview Assisted Living together and took a belly dancing class from Professor Machan.  It was so much fun and something I will never forget. How can you worry about finals and insecurities when you are belly dancing in an old-folks home with your professor, who is wearing a complete outfit and all, and a 90-something year old woman?  I formed valuable friendships with a diverse array of people from that class, and I will never forget it.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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