IC Honors: You Might Want To Do This – Latin 101

LatinThis isn’t an Honors course but it certainly seems like something Honors student might be interested in taking. Note that this is a free public service announcement and Honors doesn’t take in any advertising revenue for posting this.

Elementary Latin I (CRN: 20697) LATN 10100-01, Fall 2015: Tue.-Th. 2:35-3:50

Elementary Latin I is being offered in the Fall (2015) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:35-3:50 (in Friends 209). The course is for beginners: no prior knowledge of Latin is required.

Read about the myths of ancient Rome in the original language.

Improve your vocabulary: over half the words in English are derived from Latin.

Improve your knowledge of English literature and History, both of which are deeply influenced by Roman thought and culture.

Latin will help you understand the specialized vocabulary of many different courses, including those offered by HSHP, Pre-law, and practically everything offered by the School of Humanities and Sciences—in fact, the words “Humanities” and “Sciences” are themselves derived from Latin: humanitates and scientiae!

When you take the course, you’ll be surprised at how much Latin you already know, and how much it influences everything around you.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Robert Ziomkowski (rziomkowski@ithaca.edu).