IC Honors Summer Student Spotlight: Molly Robbins

For the summer, we’re starting something a little bit different with our Student Spotlights! We’re highlighting some of our awesome Honors students and what they’re up to this summer, as well as introducing some incoming first-year students who are already doing great things with their summers. Keep an eye out for these posts on Monday and Wednesday afternoons!

For our first spotlight of the summer, meet Molly Robbins! She’s a rising sophomore Psychology major.

11150622_10203878324334324_6285267492176123882_nThis summer, Molly is travelling all across Europe on a trip that she’s been saving for since she was twelve! She is flying to Paris by herself, then meeting up with a friend and they’re headed to Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, and Dublin.

Molly’s favorite experience in the program so far has been Katharyn Machan’s seminar Women and Fairy Tales.

“We were encouraged to write creatively, which was something I had really missed. Professor Machan also often brought in little trinkets and costumes that had to do with what we were talking about and we passed them around or wrote about them. But the best part was that for our final “exam”, we learned how to belly dance. We had a final paper due, but for the time period sectioned for an exam, we all walked down to Longview Assisted Living together and took a belly dancing class from Professor Machan.  It was so much fun and something I will never forget. How can you worry about finals and insecurities when you are belly dancing in an old-folks home with your professor, who is wearing a complete outfit and all, and a 90-something year old woman?  I formed valuable friendships with a diverse array of people from that class, and I will never forget it.”

What are you doing this summer? Honors wants to know!

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IC Honors: Summertime

PrintAs you may have noticed the Honors social media world has been fairly quiet lately, but don’t worry we have plans for the summer.  You’ll start seeing some summer student spotlights about what Honors students are doing this summer. We’ll also be looking for a post every week or two about random interesting stuff. If there is something you’d like to see or you have an idea for a post, then send Tom and email.

IC Honors: Congratulations Grads

PrintCongratulations to the Honors Students that graduated today. At the risk of accidentally leavings someone out and including a few December grads, the list of graduating Honors students is below.  Good luck and we look forward to your continued engagement with the program as Ithaca College Honors Alumni.

Shelby  Abrams, Jared Amory, Nicole Arocho, Kaley Belva, Ruby Benn, Zachary Briggs, Gregory Broslawski, Elizabeth Burgan, Megan Butterfield, Amber Capogrossi, Lily Caruso, Courtney Caprara, Jenna Cardone, Cesidia Carosa, Sarah Casola, Haley Cavanna, Brittany Champey, Allison Cipriano, Jessica Corbett, Eric Cotton, Sarah Czwartacky, Rachel Darcy, Elissa DeBruyn, Thomas Dempsey, Cassandra DenDanto, Matthew Dezii, Anastasia Diamond, Danielle Dobitsch, Kelly Fishback, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Emily Gallik, Bud-Erdene Gankhuyag, Holland Garbacz, Hali Garber, Makda Getachew Zewde, Isabelle Glass, Kelson Goldfine, Anna Gress, Amy Gruar, Alexandra Haase, Katherine Huber, William Hurley, Lyndsay Isaksen, Kimberly Jacobus, Aliza Kamman, Megan Kelleher, Matthew Kempner, Colleen Kimball, Candace King, Harli Kozak, Nathaniel Krauss, Alexis Lanza, Natalie Lazo, Chengqi Li, Johannah Litwin, Carolyn Malone, Peter Marshall, Emily Massaro, Nicole Maturo, Tyra Mazzer, Lauren Mazzo, Logan Metzger, Ashley Miller, Daniel Minogue, Jessica Moore, Caleb Oaks, Eileen Oaks, Samantha Olewnik, Katherine Orioli, David Owens, Kelly Pantason, Jennifer Pike, Taryn Pire, Nicole Pizappi, Karly Placek, Rachele Prawdzik, Shawn Roberts, Joshua Rollin, Brianna Ryan, Emilia Scheemaker, Stephanie Schloss, Carl Schneer, Morgan Schuman, Colton Shoenberger, Benjamin Sparks, Kyle Stapleton, Alexander Stein, Sari Stifelman, Kristina Stockburger, Amber Thibault, Paul Tine, Samantha Towle, Nicole Viteritti, Ana Wakeman, Casey Wayman, Corinne Weinstein, Alexander Wilks, Casey Williamson, Sally Young, Andrea Zalin.

IC Honors Alumni Spotlight: Alyssa Frey ’14

Meet Alyssa Frey, a recent graduate from the Class of 2014! Alyssa was a Journalism Major with minors in Legal Studies, Writing and Communication Studies. Alyssa is currently a graduate student at Boston College in Boston, MA. Find out more about Alyssa below!


Current positions: “Communications Graduate Assistant & M.A. Higher Education Student, Lynch School of Education, Boston College.”

One piece of advice you wish you had been given at IC: “Pick a few things you love and dive into them with your whole soul. Don’t overextend. I am the worst example of this.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you took and why: “News of the Century with Professor [Mead] Loop — a great professor, an interesting subject & just the right amount of work.”

One word that sums up your university experience: “Constant.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors: You Might Want To Do This – Latin 101

LatinThis isn’t an Honors course but it certainly seems like something Honors student might be interested in taking. Note that this is a free public service announcement and Honors doesn’t take in any advertising revenue for posting this.

Elementary Latin I (CRN: 20697) LATN 10100-01, Fall 2015: Tue.-Th. 2:35-3:50

Elementary Latin I is being offered in the Fall (2015) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:35-3:50 (in Friends 209). The course is for beginners: no prior knowledge of Latin is required.

Read about the myths of ancient Rome in the original language.

Improve your vocabulary: over half the words in English are derived from Latin.

Improve your knowledge of English literature and History, both of which are deeply influenced by Roman thought and culture.

Latin will help you understand the specialized vocabulary of many different courses, including those offered by HSHP, Pre-law, and practically everything offered by the School of Humanities and Sciences—in fact, the words “Humanities” and “Sciences” are themselves derived from Latin: humanitates and scientiae!

When you take the course, you’ll be surprised at how much Latin you already know, and how much it influences everything around you.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Robert Ziomkowski (rziomkowski@ithaca.edu).