IC Honors: Thank You Honors Students

Print As we head into the last week of classes it is good time to recognize the valuable contributions to the Honors Program made by students. The Honors Program wouldn’t be what it is without you. Honors students are involved everywhere on campus and always willing to lend a hand. There is a reason why I send you requests for help from various people on campus. Those people know that Honors students will help out when needed. I get regular comments from faculty and administrators across campus about how Honors students are generally nice, helpful, and wonderful to work with. The reputation you create for the program is what makes it so much easier for me to provide you with opportunities and makes being the director a treat. Throughout the year many of you have helped out by, for example, hosting the open house in Lyon Hall, giving tours, and serving on the student advisory board. If I try naming all of you I’d leave someone out.

Three students, in particular, deserve being named. Kelsey Fons has been serving as administrative support for Honors these last two years. Of the many things she does one of them is fixing Homerconnect degree evaluation problems before you even notice them. She will be the student event coordinator next year. Sam Guter is responsible for all of the student spotlights and other great social media work. She has been critical in making the blog/Facebook/twitter world of Honors what it is today and she will be with us next year. Last but not least is Holly Garbacz, your student event coordinator and recent Hugh Egan award winner.  As the Honors Program has changed directors and administrative support over the last few years Holly has been the one constant (2 years as event coordinator, 1 as administrative support) and she has kept the events happening. She will be missed as she graduates this year.

Thank you Kelsey, Holly, and Sam. Thank you to all of you that have helped out in some way this year. Thank you to all students in the Honors Program as you are what makes the Honors Community what it is. I look forward to another great year of Honors next year.