IC Honors Student Spotlight: Katie Beaule

Meet our student spotlight of the week, Katie Beaule, a junior Communication Management and Design major from Windsor, CT! Katie is really involved on campus, especially in the Park School and you can learn more about here below:

Favorite part about IC: “My favorite part about IC is definitely the people. From classes, to clubs, to on-campus jobs, everyone who I have met brings me a different perspective and a unique personality. There are so many talented students at IC and it amazes me when I learn about the creativity and the drive that many of my peers possess. That is why I always try to branch out and meet new people; because everyone here inspires me in a different way.”

Favorite Honors seminar and why: “My favorite Honors seminar was American Breakdown with Hugh Egan. This class explored a variety of genres within American literature as well as different segments within the field of psychology. We were a small and close knit class that was always willing to delve deeper into the material, even as we watched related movies together outside of class. There was great academic exploration through our discussions and Professor Egan was always excited to talk with us about our reactions to the course material.”

Coolest opportunity through IC and/or the Honors program: “The coolest opportunity that I have had through IC is consulting with local nonprofits through the student organization, SCNO. I really value this experience because I am able to take my knowledge from the Park School and apply it to a professional setting. With my team of peers, I am able to collaborate and coproduce a deliverable that not only highlights my personal strengths, but also my understanding of the communications field. It has connected me to both my peers and to the greater Ithaca community.”

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