IC Honors Student Spotlight: Natalie Lazo

Say hello to senior Natalie Lazo, our Student Spotlight of the week! Natalie is a BFA Studio Art major with a minor in Art History from Towaco, NJ. Find out more about Natalie below!


Favorite part about IC: “The camaraderie! I love how anyone can join a club they’re interested in and become part of a group that 9 out 10 times is full of awesome people you’ve never met. I’ve found that those people become your friends for quite some time.”

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why: “It’s a tie between my freshman seminar Why Are We Here? and my senior seminar Being Human! Elizabeth’s class really put my mind into a place for critical thinking and asking questions about the college and high school experience. Thanks to her, I was able to present at the honors conference in Boston which was an amazing learning opportunity. Bruce’s seminar moved from the personal to the worldly and served as an amazing thought-provoking environment. It was my second seminar with Bruce and his choices in books and discussion did not disappoint!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “My favorite memory was from the NYC trip my freshman year. We saw Seminar with Alan Rickman, got his autograph, and my room mate and I met Jeff Goldblum in the lobby. It was pretty amazing.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors Advice: Submitting Work by Email II

Advice: When you submit a paper or project electronically, save the document with your full name in the document title and make sure your name is in the document.

Why: Faculty get 20 or more files per class per assignment and you don’t know what will be done with the file. It may get saved to a folder for future reading or it may get printed. Either way you want to make sure your name is associated with your work. It also helps to include the assignment name in the file name, for example, save the file as LastName-FirstName-AssignmentName.

IC Honors Advice: Submitting Work by Email I

Advice: If a professor gives you permission to send him/her written work via email, always put that written work in the form of an attachment, *not* within the body of the email, unless instructed otherwise.

Why:  An attachment is much neater; it can be double-spaced and in other ways appropriately formatted.  Some professors prefer hard copies and attachments will print properly. It looks more professional, in short.

IC Honors Advice: Getting Help on Papers

Advice: Talk to professors before starting a paper and while writing a paper if you any questions at all.

Why: Your professors want to see you succeed. If you aren’t sure about a paper then ask questions. You don’t want to spend time writing five pages if you aren’t sure what you are supposed to write about. Similarly, if you are stuck while writing the paper then don’t wait hoping you will get unstuck. Often a quick five minute chat with a professor makes all the difference.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Erica Bachand

Meet junior Erica Bachand, our Student Spotlight of the week! Erica is a Phsyical Therapy major with a minor in Sport and Exercise Science from Cranston, RI. Find out more about Erica below:


Favorite part about IC: “The community. I have never run into such a great group of people, be it in classes, work, or around campus.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “Slow Read Frankenstein. Having the opportunity to look at how the classic novel was written, consider important themes, and how the story transitioned into different mediums over the years was fascinating. There were also three papers that were flexible, allowing me to research and write about topics within the novel or inspired by them which peaked my interest. For example, comparing the novel to Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein film in terms of characters, plot, and thematic similarities made for an incredibly entertaining paper.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “As a PT Major, our schedules are very regimented, limiting out opportunity to explore different classes outside of out major. With the Honors Program, I was able to fulfill my requirements and have an chance to take classes outside of the sciences. I have been thankful that Ithaca has opportunity for non-music majors to keep playing our instruments. I love playing viola, and Sinfonietta has provided me an outlet to keep it up.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors: Living in Lyon Next Year

  • Want to live with other friends in the Honors Program?
  • Would you like a living environment where exciting events happen every single week, but you can still chill and do homework with your neighbors?
  • Wish you could live in the quads even though you aren’t a first-year student?
  • How about living in the only building with two kitchens, two laundry rooms, three lounges, and a computer lab?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider living in Lyon Hall! Lyon is home to the Honors Residential Learning Community, which is an awesome place to live. The building, features, and location are great, but the community and people who live there are even better.

Here’s how to live in Lyon for Fall 2015:

  • Apply: Applications are posted on HomerConnect now! The deadline is March 17. Remember, applying is not a commitment to live there, but you can’t live there without applying. That means if you’re even considering it, apply just in case!
  • Get approved: March 21st approvals will be posted on HomerConnect. This is when you find out if you were approved to live in Lyon or not! Note that the “application” is really just a checkbox and the only reason you wouldn’t be approved is if we ran out of room.
  • Pick a room! On March 24th you can select into your room starting at 7 AM.

IC Honors: Become and Orientation Leader

If you are looking to spend some time in Ithaca this summer consider applying to be an Orientation Leader. A number of Honors students have done this in the past. They are looking for individuals who have demonstrated potential in the following (sounds like Honors students to me):

  • Personable and approachable– not necessarily extroverted
  • Academic achievement– able to role model and mentor new students about navigating academic expectations
  • Assist new students with preparation for class registration– We do extensive training about the ICC; however, experience is very much welcomed!
  • Critical thinking skills and maturity
  • Successfully work as part of a diverse team
  • Responsible, flexible, and present in their work
  • Clear communication skills– facilitate one-one conversations and small group discussions, and relay information to new students, family members, faculty and staff
  • Can work autonomously and collaboratively
  • Enthusiastic about Ithaca College

Applications are due Feb 18, 2015 at 5:00pm. The application is HERE.