IC Honors Student Spotlight: Erica Bachand

Meet junior Erica Bachand, our Student Spotlight of the week! Erica is a Phsyical Therapy major with a minor in Sport and Exercise Science from Cranston, RI. Find out more about Erica below:


Favorite part about IC: “The community. I have never run into such a great group of people, be it in classes, work, or around campus.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “Slow Read Frankenstein. Having the opportunity to look at how the classic novel was written, consider important themes, and how the story transitioned into different mediums over the years was fascinating. There were also three papers that were flexible, allowing me to research and write about topics within the novel or inspired by them which peaked my interest. For example, comparing the novel to Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein film in terms of characters, plot, and thematic similarities made for an incredibly entertaining paper.”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “As a PT Major, our schedules are very regimented, limiting out opportunity to explore different classes outside of out major. With the Honors Program, I was able to fulfill my requirements and have an chance to take classes outside of the sciences. I have been thankful that Ithaca has opportunity for non-music majors to keep playing our instruments. I love playing viola, and Sinfonietta has provided me an outlet to keep it up.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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