IC Honors: Living in Lyon Next Year

  • Want to live with other friends in the Honors Program?
  • Would you like a living environment where exciting events happen every single week, but you can still chill and do homework with your neighbors?
  • Wish you could live in the quads even though you aren’t a first-year student?
  • How about living in the only building with two kitchens, two laundry rooms, three lounges, and a computer lab?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider living in Lyon Hall! Lyon is home to the Honors Residential Learning Community, which is an awesome place to live. The building, features, and location are great, but the community and people who live there are even better.

Here’s how to live in Lyon for Fall 2015:

  • Apply: Applications are posted on HomerConnect now! The deadline is March 17. Remember, applying is not a commitment to live there, but you can’t live there without applying. That means if you’re even considering it, apply just in case!
  • Get approved: March 21st approvals will be posted on HomerConnect. This is when you find out if you were approved to live in Lyon or not! Note that the “application” is really just a checkbox and the only reason you wouldn’t be approved is if we ran out of room.
  • Pick a room! On March 24th you can select into your room starting at 7 AM.