IC Honors Student Spotlight: Carrie Lindeman

Meet sophomore Carrie Lindeman, our Student Spotlight of the week! Carrie is an Emerging Media major with minors in Music and Math from Gettysburg, PA. Check out more about Carrie below!


Favorite part about IC: “My favorite part of Ithaca College is the brilliant and approachable faculty! They are always willing to help you on projects in and out of the classroom.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “My favorite honors seminar was Teenage Wastelands taught by Bruce Henderson. The dystopian novels we read were really interesting and I made a lot of close friends in that class!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “The best opportunity that I have had through IC has been working on the development of a website project with my friend Sarah Logsdon. This work has been fulfilling and has helped me learn a lot about web development and business.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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