IC Honors Student Spotlight: Alexis Lanza

Meet senior Alexis Lanza! She’s a Film, Photography and Visual Arts major with a minor in Anthropology from Bainbridge, NY. Alexis also participated in our Partners in the Parks program, which you can find out more about this Thursday, January 22! Find out more about Alexis below.

picture of self

Favorite part about IC: “There is a comforting number of Labrador Retrievers.”

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why: “My favorite Honors Seminar was Slam It!, in which we wrote, performed, and read spoken word. At the end of the semester, we had a performance in the Handwerker Gallery. Slam It! was my favorite seminar because it encouraged us to work through heavy emotions and push our limits.”

Favorite opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “If something cooler didn’t exist, I would say exploring Ottawa all day and having a plate of poutine and a Canadian ale waiting for me at the end of a 4.8 mile frozen canal.

BUT! something cooler does exist, and that is Partners in the Parks.
It always shocks and confuses me how many students are not aware about this program, where you can have an Honors- funded, week-long adventure in one of America’s National Parks. The trips are hands-on, experiential learning, in which groups of honors students from around the country come together for a week to camp, hike, and explore while meeting rangers, ecologists, anthropologist, directors, and other people behind-the-scenes of the National Parks System. These trips have changed the way I understood, accept, and question the world in ways I could never have experienced in a classroom. I don’t see this as a negative thing; I came back to traditional learning with tools that aided in my critical thinking and discussion elements, and experiences that heavily affected my creative work. On both of my trips, Olympic National Park in Washington and Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado, I have been lucky enough to have a dear and close friend, Katie Orioli, at my side, and this summer we will be embarking on our third Partners in the Park trip, which according to Tom Pfaff, is the record in the Ithaca College Honors Program.

P.S. I know that was a lot but really really really check out the program, it is life changing and wonderful!”

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