IC Honors Advice: Professional Communication – Email Salutation II

Advice: Email communications should have a proper salutation and leaving it blank or using something like “Hey,” is inappropriate.

Why: Email communication to faculty should be viewed as professional communication. Leaving the salutation blank or starting off with something like “Hey” will come off as rude. It is ok to use you instructor’s first name such as Dear Tom or just Tom if your instructor has invited you to do so. If you are in doubt, then it is better to be too formal than inappropriately informal.

IC Honors Student Spotlight: Carrie Lindeman

Meet sophomore Carrie Lindeman, our Student Spotlight of the week! Carrie is an Emerging Media major with minors in Music and Math from Gettysburg, PA. Check out more about Carrie below!


Favorite part about IC: “My favorite part of Ithaca College is the brilliant and approachable faculty! They are always willing to help you on projects in and out of the classroom.”

Favorite Honors Seminar you’ve taken and why: “My favorite honors seminar was Teenage Wastelands taught by Bruce Henderson. The dystopian novels we read were really interesting and I made a lot of close friends in that class!”

Coolest opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors Program: “The best opportunity that I have had through IC has been working on the development of a website project with my friend Sarah Logsdon. This work has been fulfilling and has helped me learn a lot about web development and business.”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
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IC Honors Advice: Professional Communication – Email Salutation I

Advice: Use “Professor” or “Dr.” in email salutations and do not refer to your female professors as “Mrs.” unless they have requested that you do so.

Why: “Professor” or “Dr” are the appropriate honorifics for all faculty members, male and female, unless instructed otherwise.  This matters to many faculty members for the same reason that we all prefer to be identified by our actual name, not a false name. “Professor” or “Dr” accurately indicates the professional identity of a faculty member.  Furthermore, “Mrs.” refers to a marital status that may or may not apply to your female faculty members; you should not presume that it does.

IC Honors Events: Ottawa Winterlude

Our first trip of the semester is approaching:  the Ottawa Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada!  This one-of-a-kind trip will be taking place on Saturday February 7th.

Tickets for this trip will be going on sale THIS THURSDAY January 29th during the lunch hour in SIX MILE CREEK room on the first floor of Campus Center (right by the Rec Room).  Tickets will be $15 each, please bring exact change if you are paying with cash!  We will be selling 37 tickets total.  As usual, you may buy 2 tickets for friends with time conflicts.  Tickets are first come first served, and refunds will only be provided if we can fill your seat.

Things you will want to consider for this trip:

  • We are going to CANADA, thus you MUST HAVE a PASSPORT or a special ID.
  • It is an all day long trip.  We will be leaving campus around 6:30am in the morning, and leaving Ottawa around dark, arriving back at campus no earlier than 10pm.
  • This has the WORLD’S LARGEST ICE SKATING RINK.  So bring your skates!  (You also have the option of paying to rent some)
  • Spending money!  We will be providing bagged breakfast, as always, however food and spending money for the rest of the day is up to you  Take the currency exchange into consideration.


IC Honors Student Spotlight: Alexis Lanza

Meet senior Alexis Lanza! She’s a Film, Photography and Visual Arts major with a minor in Anthropology from Bainbridge, NY. Alexis also participated in our Partners in the Parks program, which you can find out more about this Thursday, January 22! Find out more about Alexis below.

picture of self

Favorite part about IC: “There is a comforting number of Labrador Retrievers.”

Favorite Honors seminar you’ve taken and why: “My favorite Honors Seminar was Slam It!, in which we wrote, performed, and read spoken word. At the end of the semester, we had a performance in the Handwerker Gallery. Slam It! was my favorite seminar because it encouraged us to work through heavy emotions and push our limits.”

Favorite opportunity you’ve had through IC and/or the Honors program: “If something cooler didn’t exist, I would say exploring Ottawa all day and having a plate of poutine and a Canadian ale waiting for me at the end of a 4.8 mile frozen canal.

BUT! something cooler does exist, and that is Partners in the Parks.
It always shocks and confuses me how many students are not aware about this program, where you can have an Honors- funded, week-long adventure in one of America’s National Parks. The trips are hands-on, experiential learning, in which groups of honors students from around the country come together for a week to camp, hike, and explore while meeting rangers, ecologists, anthropologist, directors, and other people behind-the-scenes of the National Parks System. These trips have changed the way I understood, accept, and question the world in ways I could never have experienced in a classroom. I don’t see this as a negative thing; I came back to traditional learning with tools that aided in my critical thinking and discussion elements, and experiences that heavily affected my creative work. On both of my trips, Olympic National Park in Washington and Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado, I have been lucky enough to have a dear and close friend, Katie Orioli, at my side, and this summer we will be embarking on our third Partners in the Park trip, which according to Tom Pfaff, is the record in the Ithaca College Honors Program.

P.S. I know that was a lot but really really really check out the program, it is life changing and wonderful!”

We’re always looking for interesting students to highlight in our Student Spotlight series.
Do you know a really cool Honors student? Nominate them to be a Student Spotlight here!
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IC Honors Event: Friday Coffee Talk With Guest VP Chris Biehn

Our first coffee talk of the semester will be on Friday January 23, 2015 at 4:00 in the Honors Lounge (Muller 220).  VP for Institutional Advancement Chris Biehn will be our special guest.  Chris won’t be giving a formal presentation; this is your opportunity to informally chat with one of the VPs of the College. Of course, coffee and round food will be available for all.

IC Honors Events: Partners in the Parks Info Session

On Thursday January 22 at 12:10 in Friends 207 we will have an information session on the Partner in the (National) Parks Program. Alexis (see tomorrow’s student spotlight) and Katherine will talk about their experiences. The Honors Program will cover your registration for these programs. See http://nchchonors.org/partners-in-the-parks/ for locations and dates. Yes, there will be some round food at this info session.

IC Honors Advice: Keep Connected to Succeed

Note: this is the first installment of a series of advice from your faculty to help you succeed.

Advice: Stay in touch with your instructors and don’t disappear.
Why: Woody Allen famously said that, “90% of life is just showing up.” Honors students are usually really great about attendance and interacting with their faculty. But it can also be the case that Honors students may have special difficulties when things aren’t going as planned – after all you’re Honors students, nothing is ever supposed to go wrong in your lives, right? Well…if you’re not doing well in a seminar or are having motivation issues or health problems, don’t withdraw into the terra incognita of your dorm. Your faculty will not know what to make of your absence unless you tell them what’s up. Make an appointment to speak to them. Be honest and open. It may not be comfortable but, at minimum, it will help you control the narrative of your education.

IC Honors: Funding Opportunities

With the semester starting in two days, this is reminder of two important funding opportunities for Honors students. First, for those looking to present their work at conference Honors will help you with travel expenses. Second, the deadline for the application for the Pervi Study Abroad grant is due on January 30  February 28 (updated 1/23/15) for those planning on attending the London Center in the fall of 2015. Details for both can be found here: http://www.ithaca.edu/honors/awards/grants/

IC Honors: The Upcoming Spring 2015 Semester

Here are just a few highlights for the upcoming semester. The Ottawa trip will be happening on Feb 7. If you like ice skating then nothing is better than skating on the Rideau Canal. You can rent skates there, but it is expensive and time consuming. So, bring your skates from home.  The NYC trip will be on March 28th.  We will also be having our first annual Spring Swing on April 1 (no joke). This will be our spring version of the Holiday Party.  We have also collected a bunch of advice from Honors faculty and we will be posting them once or twice a week. Of course, there will be coffee talks, info sessions on opportunities, and our great new communication set up. See you soon!